Monday, January 15, 2018

Menu Plan Monday - January 15

This is week two of my resolve to eat purely whole food plant based foods. It's hard to tell if I feel a lot better than before since I am working many more hours than normal this week and last.

I have been researching meals in the 17th and 18th centuries. Talk about eating lots of meat and fat! Some of the most interesting cookbooks are: Susannah Carter's The Frugal Housewife, Or Complete Woman Cook, Amelia Simmons' The First American Cookbook: A Fascimile of "American Cookery", and The Compleat Housewife by Eliza Smith. I can only imagine living in those times and eating all of that rich, fatty food. My stomach revolts just reading about them. Still, I greatly admire the women who were able to take a hunk of something and turn it into a meal that their families devoured.

These days, I am preparing meals that may have started out fatty and filled with cholesterol, but have been transformed by my need to eat less fat. By the way, I have read all of the books out there, plus the internet plethora of information concerning "healthy fats". When your body cannot digest those fats, none of it is healthy. Just saying.

My menu plan reflects the carnivorous people in my family, which is everyone except me. Here is my plan:


Teenage daughter making tacos


Mashed Potatoes (no butter or milk)
Snap Peas (steamed)


Brown Rice
Green Beans


BBQ Beef Ribs



Burgers (including veggie burgers)


On Your Own
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