Friday, August 07, 2015

Book Review - God, Mankind and Eternity: The Six Chapters of Man by Oscar L. Avant

God, Mankind and Eternity: The Six Chapters of Man  is written by Oscar L. Avant and is published by WestBow Press.

First of all, I think that Oscar L. Avant is a very intellectual author. For the first couple of chapters of this book, I found myself reading and re-reading in order to fully grasp what he is saying. Once I got past the tough stuff, I found the book interesting. In many ways, Avant expressed what I believe about spirituality to be true. A lot is said about the Holy Spirit, one third of the Godhead. Quite a bit is also said of Satan, another spirit, albeit a very evil one. Avant helps to explain what a spirit really is.

I did find myself, on a few points, disagree with Avant. He makes mention early in the book something to the fact that the six days of creation are not necessarily a literal 24-hour-days, but perhaps thousand-year days. This is subtle, as he weaves in this thought while writing about the creation of the universe and of the earth.

All things said, I did like this book, but I cannot say that I love it or agree with absolutely everything written inside of it. While I found it interesting, the everyday layperson or non-Christian might have a whole lot of trouble getting past the first chapter.

*I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.*
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