Friday, April 10, 2015

Book Review - The Art of Falling by Julie Jarnagin

The Art of Falling is written by Julie Jarnagin and is published by Redbud Press.

I have surprised myself by reading - and enjoying - the Hometown Romance collection by Redbud Press. I have probably mentioned before that I was never a huge fan of romance novels. This particular title, however, is not like the the usual romance stuff that is either so sickingly sweet that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth or is so full of language and other junk that leaves me red-faced and embarrassed. It is a novella, so it is fairly short and easy to read in a couple of sittings.

In The Art of Falling, Heather is looking for a celebrity to appear at a fundraising gala she is putting on for an art museum. Wyatt is just the person she is looking for - a handsome, rugged bull rider who will draw them in. Heather meets him through his mother, a dear woman who is struggling with cancer and wants her son to find a good woman and settle down.

Heather and Wyatt seem to grow closer together, but Heather's fear of losing someone she loves to an accident is very dear to her heart. With the ups and downs of dating a daring cowboy, Heather struggles to avoid falling completely in love. As for Wyatt, he feels that maybe riding bulls is safer than dating a girl who can't seem to make up her mind. Can the friendship grow and flourish to a lifelong commitment?

This is a well-written novella that leaves you with a good feeling at the end. I am now ready to read the next book by Julie Jarnagin in this series.

*I received a copy of The Art of Falling in exchange for my honest opinion.*
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