Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review - Saving Justice by Susan Crawford

Saving Justice is written by Susan Crawford and is published by Redbud Press.

In this Christian romance, an elementary school teacher named Kinley seeks to "save" the students with whom she works, especially Justice. Justice is 10 and lives smack dab in a bad section of town, right next to Nash McGuire's mother's house - a house he is renovating and hopes to be finished with soon. Justice collides with Nash, Nash collides with Kinley, and the work really begins.

Saving Justice is a bit more than a romance story. It is filled with some mystery, danger, and - yes - faith. I am not usually that interested in romance stories, but that is because the normal romance is just that - romance. I like to have a little more "meat" in my reading and this is one book that includes that element.

Susan Crawford's writing style is easy and fun. She implements quite a bit of Christian faith into what Kinley says and believes as if that is true to life. And it is for the sincere Christian. Christianity, when it is genuine, is not left at the church door. So, for me, that is a good aspect of the story.

I enjoyed reading Saving Justice and look forward to the next book from Susan Crawford.

*I received a copy of Saving Justice in return for my honest opinion. My opinions are my own.*
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