Monday, May 25, 2009

The Modern Nurse

I visited Scrubs tonight. They have a lot of interesting articles and stuff over there. It's not just your average medical mag, though. It's supposed to be "the nurse's guide to good living" and good living is something from which we can all benefit, at least in my opinion.

Columns and features fit into the following sectors: mind, health, beauty, style, work, love, money, and news & entertainment. I took a poll tonight, "What's your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse?" I guess I agreed with a goodly amount of other people, which is pretty amazing. Ha ha.

Another spot in which you'll want to drop is The Tip Jar. I had to laugh when I read the subject line, "How to deal with a know-it-all." I run across those sorts of people a lot. How do you deal with them without being rude or judgmental? I had to pretty much agree with the advice given - don't debate or argue with them and pretty soon they'll realize that you aren't a threat to their "superiority." Kindness and respect wins people over, not rudeness and constant correction. I left a comment thanking Scrubs for the great tip.

If you're caring for others or simply thinking about it, visit this online mag for some great reads and insights.

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