Friday, December 26, 2008

National Security Mom Book Review & Kids Pack Giveaway

**This contest is now closed**

I finished reading National Security Mom this week and couldn't wait to tell you about it. Gina M. Bennett worked in United States intelligence for 20 years and brings knowledge and insights on the war in Iraq and terrorism to you and me without lofty jargon in this interesting yet meaningful book.

I hate to admit that before reading this book I had a huge fear of terrorism but didn't really know why. Mrs. Bennett explains what a terrorist is and what he's about by likening him to a neighborhood bully. Bullies I understand and suddenly I knew why I've feared terrorism so much. It's because I've known (and continue to know) bullies and they tend to scare me.

Mrs. Bennett is a mother of five children (so am I - no wonder I liked this book). Throughout the book she compares aspects of government and national security with the aspects of running a household.

I enjoyed the correlation between mothering and fighting terror but it's more than that. In the book, the values we teach our children are underscored as being the same values we should use as citizens of this country. For instance, when we tell our children to clean their rooms we're teaching them that it's important to clean up their own messes - as citizens of a great country, we should clean up our own messes as well. It's called responsibility and it's a great value to own.

Mrs. Bennett says that "going soft will make America strong." I think I might agree.

Our children are the future of America. This giveaway is for the kids in your life who'd have fun learning more about being a good citizen. National Security Kid Center is an online site filled with downloadable children's pages, contests and more. This would make a great supplement to a history or citizenship curriculum.

To win access to online National Security Kid Center, just leave me a comment and make sure I can find an e-mail address to notify you with the access code if you win. I'll randomly choose two winners on January 24, 2009 and notify them shortly thereafter.

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