Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Let Us Not be Idle

The majority of us are in a "lockdown" state, meaning that we are supposed to stay home and away from others who are not in our own households. Right now, things might seem bleak and it can be difficult to look on the sunny side.

But believe me, there is a bright side. For me, the ability to stay home for a few weeks is something I have actually been craving. Do I want that at the expense of people being very ill? NO! I wish I could stay home just because we had enough money to make do without me working an outside job. Freelance writing has never brought in enough money to allow that. The years that I stayed home while homeschooling our children were very lean - too lean.

These days, I don't homeschool anymore as our youngest child graduated last May. We have started a home business (actually a farm) and we are living the homestead life while still working day jobs.

For the next three weeks, I am off work from the library. Hmmm, how to make the best use of my time? Will I become bored? 

The other day, I made homemade three bean soup with the canned goods I put up last fall. Black beans, navy beans, and cranberry (pinto) beans with celery, canned tomatoes, carrots, a quart of vegetable broth (also home canned), artichokes (ok, from the store - can't grow those up north too well), dehydrated kale crumbled in, black pepper, onion, and a bay leaf. That's all.

Yesterday, I baked a keto blueberry bread (cake) with almond flour for my husband following the diet. I also baked a gluten-free rye type bread (using caraway seeds, not rye flour) for me. Wowsa! That gluten-free bread is just like the expensive stuff I was buying for $5.99 a loaf at the store! I did not use the olives it called for, and I did not have superfine rice flour; just used the regular. I also subbed out oat flour for the sorghum flour. 

I made a large batch of sweet potato pancakes on Sunday to have on hand for quick breakfasts. 

Today, I made a vegan, gluten free batch of brownies for myself. Nobody else will touch them (because they have a vegan fear). I love the brownies because they are full of fiber, something we all need and probably don't get enough of.

Also today, I planted a 72 cell tray of plant starts - tomatoes, tomatillos, celery, watermelon, a golden melon, bee balm (lemon), and some Pampas and purple fountain grasses for Jeff's bird pens. In the coming weeks, I will begin other plant starts. If all goes to plan and we actually get a warm spring, I will be ready to get some things straight into the garden.

Keeping busy while confined to your own property can be challenging if you aren't used to it. But the alternative is anxiety and a breakdown of mental and spiritual health. It's important to stay positive even in times such as these. 

If you have a prayer request, feel free to leave me a comment. I have found that praying for others is one of the biggest stress relievers for me. Remember that God is ultimately in control. Nothing surprises Him and nothing can overcome Him.

Wishing you health and happiness - and productivity 🙋


Secondary Roads said...

Would like to find recipes for keto blueberry bread and gluten-free bread with caraway seeds. Could you help?

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