Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Review: Wonders of Creation: Illustrations to Color and Inspire

Wonders of Creation: Illustrations to Color and Inspire is published by Zondervan.

I have watched my best friend, my son's best friend, and my daughter each go crazy over the many adult coloring books on the market today. I have also thought they were each crazy to want to sit and color. This week, I joined the craze and colored two pages in my own coloring book, Wonders of Creation.

There are 96 pages of black and white illustrations in this book, some of them simple and fairly easy to color in a short amount of time. Others are very detailed and take a lot more concentration with a steady hand - and a bit more time. All of them celebrate the beauty and wonder of God's creating power of our world.

I began my own journey by starting with the very first pages. It's the way I am with most books; start at the beginning and work my way to the end in a very concise and consecutive manner. This picture, spanning two pages, has some very tiny spots and some not so tiny. None of it is overly complicated. I used crayon pencils (Crayola Twisters) in the very basic of colors. I imagine I could have made it look prettier had I used a wider array of colors and maybe markers instead of the crayons. At any rate, it was a soothing project except for the tiniest of leaves or grass where I colored outside of the lines. As a perfectionist, this bothered me.

As for the book itself, it is made of good quality paper and I love that it has lots of pages that include simple and complex designs. If I am only in the mood for easy pictures, then I can find one. If I feel creative and want to do a detailed one, I can find that too. All of the pictures are well drawn and represent the "wonders of creation" beautifully. I love it.

*I received a copy of Wonders of Creation: Illustrations to Color and Inspire in exchange for my honest review. My thoughts are my own.*

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