Monday, February 22, 2016

Book Review - Catch Me if You Can by Carrie Marston

Catch Me if You Can is written by Carrie Marston and published by Westbow Press.

This young adult book is one that deals with difficult topics. The protagonist, Laura Brown, struggles with deep seeded feelings of doubt and resentment. Her parents are divorced and she is not blending well into her father's new family. Her friends are few and far between. In what feels like an attempt to run away from her problems, Laura boards a plane to her grown sister's home. Her dad and step-family have no idea where she is and they report her missing. Laura ends up meeting her mother again after ten long years with no contact. How is she supposed to resolve all of these feelings of fear, disappointment, and anger?

I read through this book even though I didn't find the writing particularly outstanding. The characters seem to have no depth to them. However, I do understand the premise of this story and why the author chose to present it in the form of a diary. She wants us to see the story from everyone's point of view. The problem is that it is sketchy and flits one place to another without ever making a real point.

That said, teenagers today face a host of problems that we of the earlier generations did not. Yes, we all have had to struggle with growing up, finding our own places in the world, and building relationships. Building a faith of our own was, and is, key to all of that. Being young is never easy. But neither is being older.

Hopefully, the young adult who picks up this book and reads it will glean something from it to help him/her in that trek. Better yet would be to pick up a Bible and read it from cover to cover.

*I received a copy of Catch Me if You Can in exchange for my honest opinion.*
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