Monday, September 21, 2015

Menu Plan Monday - September 21

I have been devouring cookbooks - the tangible, real, hard copy cookbooks - lately. If you haven't checked out your local library for good updated cookbooks yet, you're really missing out. You don't have to spend billions and have tons of heavy cookbooks weighting down your kitchen shelves and you don't have to have them in digital form, hard to read and hard to find. A few I have found in my own library:

  • The Complete Book of Juicing  by Michael T. Murray, N.D.
  • The Paleo Approach Cookbook by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD
  • Against All Grain by Danielle Walker
Now, I do realize that a couple of these books focus on diets that include no grains, otherwise called the Paleo Diet. I do not follow this diet myself but I am gluten-free - not by choice, but by necessity. Because the Paleo Diet is also a gluten-free one, I have found many useful recipes in cookbooks geared toward it. I am not a large meat eater and, in fact, avoid it most of the time. I would rather focus on vegetables and some fruits because I think that plants are the best for our bodies. God did institute a totally vegan diet at the beginning of man's existence. That was later changed after sin entered the world, more specifically after the flood of Noah.

I hope you will look at the plethora of new recipe books available and try some interesting dishes that suit your own particular food lifestyle.


Sloppy Joe 


Parmesan Chicken Strips
Garlic Toast


Baked Potatoes
Green Beans


Pizza & Pop


Turkey Breast
Roasted Root Vegetables


Baked Ham Steaks
Mashed Potatoes


On Your Own
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