Monday, June 01, 2015

Book Review" If He Had Not Come by Nan F. Weeks & David Nicholson

If He Had Not Come is written by Nan F. Weeks and is retold by David Nicholson and illustrated by Charles Jaskiewicz. It is published by Westbow Press.

In this cute picture book, written in 1938 and set in the 30's, the author poses the question: What if Jesus had never come? Would Christmas, or any other day, be the same? As a little boy wanders about town at Christmas, he finds that NOTHING is the same. When he wonders what's going on, he finds signs that say, "If I had not come".  Interestingly, the world is not good without Jesus. There are no hospitals or other facilities to care for people. Why? Because there are no Christians. Without the Church, there is nothing to show that people care about each other enough to make a difference.

In the end, the boy finds that it is all a dream and that Christmas has meaning because Jesus DID come. Such joy!

This story is something that should make us all, young or old, stop to think about. The world, though it is imperfect and corrupt, is a better place that it would be had Jesus never come to redeem us. Because of sin, we had no hope. Because of Jesus, hope abounds and is REAL.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think it is a good story to read with every young child.

*I received a copy of If He Had Not Come in exchange for my honest review.*
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