Monday, May 04, 2015

Book Review: A Faight of Her Own by Kathleen Fuller

A Faith of Her Own is written by Kathleen Fuller and is published by Thomas Nelson.

I admit it. When I want to read a book that makes me feel good by the time I'm finished, I go for an Amish story. Kathleen Fuller is one of those authors who has perfected this particular genre. She doesn't explain what each Deitsch (Pennsylvania Dutch, coming from German) word means throughout the text, but rather gives you a glossary at the beginning. I like that because it makes the story flow better for me.

 A Faith of Her Own is a story about a certain young man, Jeremiah, who left the Amish community to become a veterinarian. He comes back to his hometown in order to fill in for the local vet - the one who gave him his start - after the man broke his leg. Anna Mae is a childhood friend of Jeremiah's. She has been getting more and more restless since Jeremiah left. Somehow she has to figure out what it is that is causing her distress. 

As Anna Mae and Jeremiah get to know one another again, a volume of questions and decisions to be made assault them. Ultimately, it is God's plan that will win.

As a I said before, Kathleen Fuller is a master when it comes to writing Amish stories. This one does not disappoint. I loved the sweetness of the story. The plot is solid and each word builds up to the climax wonderfully. And at the end, I had that deep sigh instant when I knew I'd read something that gave me that feel good moment that I love to have.

Religion is brought up in this book. It has to be, because religion plays a significant part in the lives of the Amish. I love how the love of God does not come across as a preaching but as an integral part of everyday life. That is how it should be in every believer's life. Is it in yours?

As an aside, I came across an interesting website this morning that easily answers some questions people might have about the Amish. You might want to check it out here.

*I received A Faith of Her Own in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinion is my own.*

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