Sunday, February 01, 2015

Product Review: Wireless Charger and Bluetooth Speaker

I was given the opportunity to review a couple of products from EC Technology this week. The first one is a Bluetooth speaker.

This is an interesting product for me. I am used to listening to music on my large stereo, so getting used to a speaker that doesn't need wiring and on top of that, can be carried around, is new to me. I had to have my teenage son help me figure out how to use it. Once that was done, however, it wasn't so difficult to figure out. I do think that, for such a small item, it is a bit heavy for me to wear clipped to my belt. I can see myself using it if it sits on my desk or on the windowsill above my kitchen sink. It does what it's supposed to and the sound is pretty good. It would make a nice gift for someone, however, and I just might put it back in the box and save it for such a purpose.

The other product is a wireless charger for my Nokia phone.

This wireless charger from EC Technology is a good one to have when going on vacation and you might not have access to an electrical outlet. I can plug it into my laptop or, ironically, my portable battery charger, and then be able to charge my phone. It charges my phone as quickly as my old charger. I like the ultra slim design because it can fit into my purse easily. The only problem I have found might be that I had to position my phone just right on the charger in order for it to get to work. However, I have that same dilemma with my old charger, so I'm used to it. It isn't enough of a bother to cause me to not use it. Unlike the speaker, I will be keeping this product for myself. In fact, I have it charging my phone as I type.

*I received the products above in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.*
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