Monday, October 06, 2014

Book Review - Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Storm Siren is written by Mary Weber and is published by Thomas Nelson.

I was getting in a rut with my reading life so I decided to try something different. Storm Siren is that different book. It is a young adult book that is more science fiction or paranormal than anything else, yet it still has that strong Christian influence. I was pleased.

This is the story of Nym, a 17 year old in a place called Faelen. Nym has already belied the odds because only males are allowed to live in Faelen, which means that she should have been killed or even never been born. She hides her gender until her hood flops down and reveals who she is - the one who might be able to save Faelen through war.

Storm siren is filled with intrigue, action, and power. It is a good read that I passed on to my teenage daughter. She loves science fiction and I know she'll love this one.

*I received a copy of Storm Siren in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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