Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Book Review - A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer

A Christmas Gift for Rose is written by Tricia Goyer and is published by Zondervan.

This book is historical fiction. I was surprised by that! I had never read any of Tricia Goyer's books before, though I knew that she has written a lot of Amish stories. This one takes place in 1945. Rose's fiancĂ©e is Amish too, but he decides to enlist in the military. This is contrary to the Amish way, as Amish people are conscientious objectors - they do not believe in fighting in wars.

All Rose's fears of Jonathan perhaps leaving the Amish faith and joining with the English are eclipsed when she learns that she was not born to Amish parents, but rather to the English. When her family moves west in search of work, she struggles with fears and doubts. Will Rose leave her Amish life or will she persevere in the hope that she will be reunited with Jonathan as an Amish couple?

A Christmas Gift for Rose is an entertaining read. It is a small book so it doesn't take too terribly long to get through it. Tricia Goyer is a very gifted writer and she weaves a good story. I enjoyed reading A Christmas Gift for Rose. I wasn't always sure where the story was leading - how it would end up - but I enjoyed the journey there.

*I received a copy of A Christmas Gift for Rose in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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