Saturday, January 07, 2012

Book Review - This Thing of Ours by Cammy Franzese

This Thing of Ours: How Faith Saved my Mafia Marriage is written by Cammy Franzese and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. I am usually not disappointed by any of the books I read from Thomas Nelson and I was not once again with This Thing of Ours.

I love nonfiction that reads like fiction. Let me tell you what I mean by that. Cammy tells her life story in such a way that, though it is a memoir, the words flow into an interesting story that makes me feel as if I'm reading an engaging piece of fiction. I can't wait to get into the next chapter so that I can see what happens next.

Cammy married Michael Franzese and lived through more than 10 years of what most of us would not. At the time, she was young and naive, not realizing that she was in love with a powerful Mafia boss. As she became more aware of what was really going on, she chose to stay with him and devote herself to him. This book gives a clear picture of why and how she was able to muster the faith to honor her marriage vows. In the end, it was all worth it.

I enjoyed reading This Thing of Ours and would recommend anyone who struggles with a less than ideal spouse. Prayer and faith make a world of difference to a rocky marriage. It certainly did for Cammy and Michael Franzese.

**I received a copy of This Thing of Ours in exchange for my honest opinion. The opnions expressed are my own.**

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