Sunday, October 23, 2011

Book Review - Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

Heaven is for Real is written by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent and is published by Thomas Nelson. It's an intriguing story about a little boy, Todd Burpo's young son, Colton, who supposedly died for three minutes and visited Heaven.

When little Colton, age three at the time, nearly died from a ruptured appendix, he had a life-changing experience - that of leaving his physical body and entering the gates of Heaven. He claims to have talked to a sister he never knew he had (a baby who miscarried before Colton was born), a great-grandfather he never met, and Jesus Himself. He saw angels and noted the size of their wings. And speaking of wings, he claims that people in Heaven have wings too.

As I read this eyewitness account, as told to his father over the course of several years, I began to have many doubts. I had never heard that people have wings in Heaven - does the Bible say they do? I was captivated by the story, though, and read on and on until I reached the end - and found that I began to believe it to be true.

What hooked me was when Colton said that "Jesus has markers." Yeah. Jesus has markers - right on His hands and feet, the markers that guarantee an eternity with Him for those who put their trust and faith in Him and His death on the cross for their sins.

Heaven is for Real is well-written and very interesting. I couldn't seem to put it down.

This is an amazing story and one that I recommend highly. Even if Colton didn't actually go to Heaven (though I think he did), he has a beautiful story to share with the world. Heaven is for Real and it's a place we should all want to go. I know I do.

**I received a copy of Heaven is for Real in exchange for my honest opinion. Opinions are my own.**

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Susan said...

Rita, This is such an amazing book! I am done reading with the book and I have had it only a mere few days. Well, you know how long it takes me to read a book..yea..months! But, this book is so good I can hardley put it down.This book is a winner and a must read!