Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Review - Johann Sebastian Bach by Rick Marschall

Johann Sebastian Bach by Rick Marschall (Thomas Nelson) is part of a series of biographies of famous people called Christian Encounters. Before reading anything other than the back cover of this book, I figured it would be similar to other biographies I've read in the past. Not so. This book is rather  involved reading in that it is one that demands the reader's attention at all times. I can't read it by skimming through the pages or reading it rather quickly. It is one of those "deeper" books.

I did enjoy reading it, though. I think it's because I love to learn new things and to be challenged in my reading. Mr. Marschall is good at challenging the reader. He uses a lot of language that makes one feel that she must be really smart to be able to digest such writing.

I'm not sure that the biography gave me a lot of information about Bach - personal information anyway. Mr. Marschall did state many times throughout the book that Bach didn't leave a lot of information by way of diaries, etc. with which to build a huge biography.

I was struck by how much faith in God was a part of Johann Sebastian Bach's life. I like that God was foremost in his life. I like how much Bach put into his work in order to present his best to the Lord.

This is a great book to keep on the homeschool library shelf. I plan to have my children read it.

**I received a copy of Johann Sebastian Bach in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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