Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fire Equipment

Last night, Jeff and I were on a "date" at La Seniorita, eating and talking, when we noticed fire trucks and EMS trucks rushing past. Then we saw smoke billowing up from not far away, somewhere beyond the Speedway gas station. Later, we found out that the apartment complex there burned to the ground. Lightning struck it at the base and from there it spread FAST. Nobody was seriously injured, thankfully, but a lot of people are without a home.

Praise God that those people are safe - the apartment complex was one that housed the mildly disabled who can function for themselves - and thank the Lord that rescuers were on the scene quickly. Our church stepped right in to give temporary shelter.

I wonder sometimes what the firefighters and other emergency personnel wear while on the job - and who has to buy it. Here, they're mostly volunteer. There's a company on the web that sells fire equipment - Chief Public Safety Equipment that sells all kinds of quality public safety equipment at good prices. They've been around a long time - since 1977 and are reputed to be reliable.

If you're curious as to what kinds of safety equipment are out there or you know someone in the market, you might want to check it out.
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