Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Make Your Own Invitations

Our son #2, Jonathon, graduated from our homeschool this year. We haven't had an open house yet and finally realized that we'd best get to it, especially since this boy will be leaving in less than a month for a missions trip to Mombasa, Kenya. Time is wasting.

When we got to checking the stores for ready-made graduation announcements, we found that we were a bit too late in purchasing them. That's a good thing! This way I can be a tiny bit creative and SAVE some money.

Last night I worked with Microsoft Publisher and printed these:

I used card stock and greeting card envelopes. The Loon book is my address book. I need a new one.

What you don't see is our address, phone number, time, and date of the party. I also included directions to our home.

The entire batch of invitations will have cost me about $15 (for two parties), not counting postage. I think we can safely hand some invitations in person to save stamps.

In the next couple of days I will print up more invitations for another open house to be held with family and friends in Indiana. That party will have to be done after Mombasa and after we get our van in traveling order.

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