Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's Your Idol?

Last night was the American Idol finale and, to the surprise of many, Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert out of the title.

I've been watching the show this year with amazement. It's the first year that I've watched more than one or two episodes. I'm not a TV person and I generally don't care for reality shows anyway.

Adam Lambert has a fantastic rocker voice and, though I can't stand rock & roll, I appreciate his talent. What I've not appreciated is the way the judges, some of the guest performers, and the media presented him (nearly from the start) as the next American Idol. That was totally unfair to the other contestants and I thought it was inconsiderate to their feelings. Besides, America chooses the winner and America can surprise you - just look back at our recent presidential election.

It warmed my heart to see Kris Allen's reaction when he won. He was surprised and he was humble; he gave credit to the other contestants and insinuated that one of them should have won instead. While the news media is questioning whether America made a mistake or not, I have to say "no." They might possibly have seen more than just glamor and glitter.

Will being an "idol" ruin Kris Allen? I hope not. It's not good for anyone to be someone else's idol. That's God's place and He warns that we are not to have any idols before Him, including a musical superstar.

This is a good time to look inside ourselves and ask the question, "Who's my idol?" If God isn't first place in your life, you might want to do some rearranging of idol priorities.
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