Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nursing and Prayer

Is it OK for a health practitioner to pray with a patient? What if you're a nurse and one of your patients is about to go into surgery - and there's a good chance she won't survive the procedure?

I just finished reading an interesting piece about this very topic and I was pleased that the advice given is yes, if a patient asks for prayer and you're comfortable with it, by all means pray. When people face problems with their health, they often panic and reach out for spiritual help. A pastor once told me that the best time to visit people and talk about God and their need for Him is when those folks are ill or facing surgery. I really believe that's true.

The article I read is an answer to a reader's question in an online magazine for nurses called Scrubs. I hadn't heard of this site before.

This is a site for nurses but it's not your run of the mill place where only medical jargon is spoken. I really enjoyed browsing through the pages. There are articles about beauty and fashion, nutrition and weight loss - even dating!

Nursing is a great career and one that's growing. "Yes, We Can! (Find a Job, That Is)" addresses today's job market. If I were to go back to school, I might consider nursing because of the great need for quality nurses.

Anyway, check this great website for yourself and enjoy.

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