Sunday, January 04, 2009

Internet Stalkers

I decided to post about a sensitive subject - internet stalking - after reading a fellow blogger's post this morning. I read the words she'd written and I immediately thought about my own internet stalker and how much I've wanted to write about this but so far avoided it. I'm not going to skirt around the issue any longer but instead, come right to the point.

According to, an internet stalker is "simply a troll that has attached itself to an individual." This stalker has a personal vendetta against you, whether real or imaginary, and they attempt to take everything you say as something personal.As a side note: it's interesting that they take things personally but leave anonymous comments (which are easily traceable).

This definition fits my internet stalker perfectly. This person took a post I wrote as something personal against her and used it to her advantage (my disadvantage.) The truth is, this post had absolutely nothing to do with said person, but that really doesn't matter because stalkers think that the entire world revolves around them and, if you're writing a blog post, you're writing about them - who wouldn't since they're on everyone's minds at all times?

I do want this stalker to know that I am fully aware of visits to this blog. I know what time you visit, what search page you have bookmarked to get here, and the pages you see. You seem interested in Scripture - I hope it's because you wish to learn from God's Word. If it's simply to dig up dirt on me to report to others who will then try to destroy me, forget it. The Bible speaks for itself and if you have a problem with it convicting you, take it up with God. And I'll warn you ahead of time - God always wins.


Bullet said...

Go Ms. Rita!!!!!

Rita T. said...

Hey, long time no hear! Anyway, I don't think we should have to walk on eggshells all of the time and I'm becoming bolder, so unlike my old self.

FromThe Creek said...

That describes my internet stalker exactly...are you sure that everything doesn't revolve around them though?!?


Rita T. said...

I do need to explain to readers my reason for exposing (semi I guess) this person who has harrased me. If you go to the internet stalker site I reference you will understand why I felt it was important to make this problem public.

I also want to make it clear that I pray for this person every day because God is fully able to save her. BUT, she has to come to the place where she admits that she is a sinner in need of grace and so far, she thinks she's perfect.

Juliette Vestal said...

I personally think that it is Satan speaking in their ear because you are spreading the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Good for you, for praying for this person also, God has made it clear to be kind to our enemies so the Lord can shine through us.

In the end, I say, "you go girl, don't let anything keep you from spreading the Word."

lulu said...

I'm so glad there is a Christian blog spot that discusses this very issue!
My daughter and her fiance have become the target of a few infatuated and very internet savvy crazy girls.. They belong, as it turns out, to a number of pretty bad sites or blogspots or whatever they are. Those with voodoo, porn, you name it. AND the most interesting thing is they actually have set up 'counselling' type threads for believers - in 'true Christianity' - as opposed I suppose to my daughter's faith; whose only error was to ask them to stop making lewd comments about her guy. Initially she offered to befriend and counsel them as she has for years with troubled kids, even while a teenager herself. Sadly,the stuff posted was so convincing even we had to question it. Basically about torrid nights spent with her guy ('You wont sleep with him so we had to...')... While all proven to be fabricated, these girls wont stop - they go from blogspot to blogspot and every public site like facebook and myspace etc to start up again. I even jumped in to ask that they stop and it got worse. The poor fiance is not computer literate and as he hasn't read any of this is very confused about our upset. He is a member of an international Christian performing group with strict management and rules so for us to go public would bring about some really bad press, as these girls have said they will do anything to hurt my daughter. They even said that they were lying but had no intention of stopping as they were having fun - they hated her because she was a'twig' (thin I guess) and they hated everything she stood for. My daughter has only just recovered from a life-threatening chronic illness and this event sent her into a frightening relapse - down to 43 kgs... What do you do? One of the girls is from Canada and one from Australia - they are long-term friends and both, judging by their stories have suffered some trauma and seem to depend on gleaning sympathy as victims in all their posts - either that or horrible pictures of them 'having fun' - my guess is that they crave acceptance and popularity. Who do you complain to? The fact these girls froze my daughter's email accounts by numerous attempts to log in (according to the message), blocked her from various online forums by tracking her IP address even though we have blocked ours, and started texting her, shows that they are pretty knowledgable in all this. Thankfully we have faith on our side but I would be lying myself if I said that we can let this slide or that things are ok with us. They are now threatening to turn up and wreck the wedding - that is ok as we will be able to physically see them and have them arrested but it is still a horrible thought! What do you do? How do you let them know that it is not ok? They even told my daughter that they would take legal action for 'her stalking' - the closest she got to that was asking them to stop! They also offered to pay for someone in the West Indies to 'take care of her' while someone else in Australia was going to drive to our place to take care of her.. Some of my daughter's fiance's publicity shots have been copied and had really bad comments written as tags or comments - how do we remove them? Facebook will not reply and have no interest..ANY advice appreciated.