Saturday, February 04, 2017

Book Review: The Dog who was There by Ron Marasco

The Dog who was There is written by Ron Marasco and published by Thomas Nelson.

I was originally drawn to this novel when I saw who wrote it. Ron Marasco is an accomplished writer and actor (Lost, West Wing, etc.). He is also very well educated, holding degrees from Fordham at Lincoln Center and UCLA. Even better than his long list of accomplishments is that he has written a great Christian book with The Dog who was There.

This is a book about an event in Christian history that is like none other - the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The story is told through a dog's viewpoint - Barley, the ragtag orphan who was fortunate to even be alive. It is a book about redemption, of course, but it is also an entertaining story with a different perspective of an event that truly happened and that means everything to every believer.

I absolutely devoured every page of this masterfully written novel. Every page read kept me moving ahead to "see what happens next". I have passed my copy down to my teenage daughter. She loves animals and she loves Jesus. There is nothing in the book to which I object but everything to which I think she needs to read.

It doesn't replace the Biblical account. It simply adds a dimension to it that helps it to become more personal. We all need the reminder of what Jesus did for us.

*I received a copy of The Dog who was There in exchange for my honest opinion. My thoughts are my own.*

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