Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Products and the Joy of Reviewing

I would like to share with you some new products while at the same time encouraging those of you who would like to receive free products in the mail. For some time I have been a customer of and have reviewed some of the products I purchased. Over time, I started receiving requests from companies that sell on Amazon to give honest reviews concerning samples they would send me. I said yes to some and no to many more. If I won't use the products myself or find them to be grand gifts for others, I won't waste my time or their money receiving their products. Below are some samples I received from

This is a great shopping bag made from at least 95% recycled plastic that is woven. It is sturdy and roomy, colorful and very cute. The handles are a canvas type material and are firmly sewn on. Great way to use up plastic otherwise thrown away. The bag measures about 15 inches across and 16 inches deep. I can see myself using it a lot when our new Aldi store opens up.

Dryer balls are something I don't think I'll ever tire of. These are great. They are reusable and are handmade using 100% wool from New Zealand. They are chemical free which makes them not only great for my sensitive skin but also gentle on the clothes dryer. In the past, I used dryer sheets. Little did I know that the chemical on them plugged up the lint trap which, in turn, caused my dryer to burn up. Now I only use liquid softener in the washer or dryer balls in the dryer. Other times I just like to hang the clothes on the line and let them soak up the sun. The label on the package says that the balls will last up to 1,000 loads of laundry.

This is a huge juicer/squeezer! I find it to be heavy and very well made. When I say heavy, I mean to say that is constructed of quality stainless steel, not flimsy aluminum or steel that makes you wonder if it is really steel. It works great and juices lemons/limes completely. As large as it is, I bet I could juice oranges in it too. There is a hanging ring on the top to make it easier to store for those who like to hang their stuff. This is an item that I feel would make a great shower gift.

The zester/grater that I received is certainly different than others I have used. This one slices. It also is heavier than the usual zester, the handle easy to grip as well. I probably won't use this tool as often as I will the other ones, but it is easy to store in the back of my silverware drawer so no problem there. As with the other EcoJeannie products, this is a heavy duty product that is made to last.

This is a garlic press that is different from others I have seen or used. It is a flat press and, once again, heavy and made of quality steel. It is super easy to use in spite of the weight. Place the garlic cloves inside and squeeze once.The rounded holes are great and the garlic squeezes right out of them. The press is very easy to clean. I love it and will keep this for my own use.

If you desire to be an Amazon reviewer who also receives these sorts of offers, you should keep some important points in mind:

If you agree to review a product, do so and in a reasonable amount of time after receiving it. Give your HONEST opinion and don't lie about it in order to receive more offers. If it deserves one star and a poor review, give it that, but you might want to check with the company first to see if there is something they can do to make the experience better. For instance, sometimes a product will arrive broken. Other times you might just not understand how to properly use the product. In instances like these, you should contact the company and try to get the problem fixed before instantly writing a poor review. You also want to be sure to actually try the products without pretending to do so. Take pictures or video as companies love having these added to reviews. And make your e-mail address public on your Amazon reviewer page so companies can have a way to reach you with offers. NEVER accept bribes or payment for reviews. A free product is fine if it is the product you are reviewing. Don't accept money for reviews or coupons for other products, as this is considered a bribe and professional payment for favorable reviews. And one of the most important things to remember is to add a disclaimer to each review like the one I am including in this post below:

*I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion. My thoughts are my own.*

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Thanks for the insight into product reviews. I have wondered about that before, but not enough to research the process.