Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 10

Today, Jeff, Josh and I went for a ride to Pellston - yes, the same Pellston that is typically the coldest spot in all of Michigan. We had ordered 50 lbs. of hamburger from Jurek's Meat Market and we needed to pick it up. After that, we sort of took the scenic route to Petsokey, looking for antique shops for Josh to root around in.

I found that I loved looking at all of the vintage items we found (in four different antique shops between Pellston and Petoskey). Each item has a story to tell and history comes alive when studying them. Take, for instance, very old books. I found a first edition of Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss! I couldn't afford to buy it, of course, but it just felt good beneath my fingers.

Old dolls have amazing stories too - just close your eyes for a moment and imagine the little girl playing with them. How did they keep from breaking heads made of china or bisque? When I close my eyes, I think of my grandma holding a dolly in her arms and gently rocking her to sleep as she sings a lullaby.

I am thankful for old things and the rich historical record they bring to us - and I'm thankful that all evidences of the past are not erased. What a blessing to be able to "see" history rather than simply read about it.

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