Monday, October 17, 2011

Movie Review - Snowmen (2011)

There's a new movie coming out in theaters called, Snowmen. I had the privilege of being able to watch this movie with my ten-year-old daughter before its release.

Snowmen is about three children about my daughter's age. One is a Jamaican boy, another is a boy who has battled cancer, and the third is the boy everyone seems to pick on - you know, the small, doesn't fight type.

These three kids are out playing in the snow - they are in a heavy snowbelt area is much like the one in which we live but with mountains - when they find a frozen body. This leads to all sorts of adventure and a quest to do what they feel is honorable and right for the dead man.

In the end - and I'm not going to spoil it for you should you choose to see this film - loose ends are tied well, giving the viewer a good feeling.

My daughter and I both liked Snowmen, but I was dismayed by a few of the words the bully used. Yes, I realize that even elementary school children used off-color language, but I don't really like to listen to it intentially.

While the movie has a family theme, and even some that would be considered by many to be "Christian", I don't think it can be labeled as a Christian film. I do agree that it can be labeled as a family film. In fact, this would be a good movie for families to watch together and then discuss because it brings up all sorts of relevant themes: bullying, good works, disease, death, etc.

Snowmen (Mpower Pictures) will be released in theaters the weekend of October 21-23 and stars Bobby Coleman and Ray Liotta,

*I received a free advance viewing of Snowmen in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.*

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