Monday, May 24, 2010

Field Trips for All - Win one for your Kid's Class

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We do not have our children in the public school system, so I was a bit unaware of this information: Many schools are eliminating field trips from their agendas. I don't mean that they're decreasing the amount of field trips that they take, rather that they're totally eliminating them!

Learning by experiencing is a huge part of how my children learn and grow. It used to be that way for me and for others of my generation. I remember taking field trips to the zoo, to the Shrine Circus, to the Toledo Art Museum, to Notre Dame for a French play (my personal favorite), and many others. Sadly, children in today's schools are not going to get those opportunities.

Finances play a tremendous part in our everyday lives, don't they? Especially today. Public schools and some private schools have had to make cuts wherever they can - our local school is letting teachers go and then combining classes into huge ones (some as big as 60 kids in one class). Click Here

Oscar Mayer Lunchables has come up with a plan to help some of these kids by giving away 50 free field trips to deserving classrooms. The contest is called Field Trips For All and it works by involving you, concerned parents and citizens. Watch Alien Field Trip on YouTube to get a feel for the excitement kids experience when on a good field trip. Then go nominate a classroom you feel should win a free field trip. You'll feel good when you're done.

I'm off now to nominate Colleen Cerak's class at Gaylord Intermediate Schools.

Visit my sponsor: Field Trips For All

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