Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mission Shopping and One Old Van

Jonathon and I spent the entire afternoon shopping - mostly for his mission trip. He leaves Wednesday. Anyway, we had a shaky start that began with the van sputtering and acting as if it would die all the way to Gaylord. What could the problem be?

Turns out it was because Jeff left it sit out all night during a heavy rain. The engine got wet and, since this van is 18 years old with more than 200,000 miles, it wasn't taking the moisture too well. We made it safely (driving 40 mph all the way there) and I relaxed a bit.

We did Wal-Mart, Goodwill, the bank, Dollar General, Meijer, and Kohl's. I thought I would die of exhaustion! In the end, Jonathon got most of his shopping finished and I got the grocery shopping done. Tonight I'm playing catch-up. I'm hoping to make it to most of my following list (blog hopping) because it's been a little bit too long since I've been to many of them. I especially like visiting the Thankful Thursday posts.

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Christy said...

My car did that too when we had the spark plugs changed and the mechanic did not replace the plug coils (our vehicle does not have the plug wires like they used to make). Turns out that a friend of ours new how to fix it and even showed my husband how to change these new-fangled plugs. That is annoying when it shakes like that!