Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tent Worms

Can you see that worm on my daughter's hand? There are more crawling on Jonathon in the background. They're tent worms and they are EVERYWHERE this year - their favorite trees are cherry. They make "tents" on trees that are sticky and white and look a bit like spider webs.

Tonight, Evan and I took a walk along the snowmobile/bike trail and saw tons of them on the ground. They squished beneath our feet. Yucky. They were also in the trees so heavily that many of the trees had died.

When we lived in Indiana we would occasionally have to do battle with these nasty little things. I am not one who wants to use chemicals so I would take a homemade torch (broken tree branch usually) and burn the worms out of the trees. It worked and it saved our trees.

Have you a better solution? I'd love to hear it.


Anonymous said...

No personal experience advice, but have you checked with your local Extension service? They are usually affiliated with a state university, and usually have lots of info about local issues. Good luck!

Oh--WW: Very cute kitty!

Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

I think these are the same things we called web worms in TN. They would take over trees with their web/sack things and kill them eventually. I heard the only thing you could do was cut the entire branch they were on off and burn it.