Friday, May 08, 2009

Free Chocolate and Other Things

I'm just full of posts tonight :) Seriously, though, I forgot to tell everyone earlier that every Friday you can go to the Mars Real Chocolate site and enter to win a coupon for some free Mars chocolate. I did it today and was one of the winners. I will receive a coupon in the mail. I'm a chocolate addict, so this is something great for me!

Jeff took me out to supper tonight. I didn't want to go because I'm on this kick right now about saving money and only spending on necessities. Eating out isn't a necessity. Anyway, we went to La Senorita and had a nice Mexican supper. It sure was packed out. I must be the only one who balks at a supper out!

A friend of mine e-mailed today to say that her house had a tree drop on it because of a tornado that whipped through the area (Liberal, MO). She's asked for prayer because they don't have insurance. I haven't heard the extent of the damage yet, but praise the Lord she and her family are safe!

We've been having some thunderstorms here recently. They aren't all that violent, though, and are providing rain for my gardens. The rhubarb and raspberry plants are really going to town. The flowers are all doing well, too. The lillies we planted last year have already multiplied and are coming up all over.

Summer's coming!


Grammy said...

congratulations on the candy! It was great to go out and enjoy your self for a night. Sorry to here about your friend my prayers are with her too.

Angela said...

We had thunder and lightening last night....Thanks for the precious hugs..((hugs)) one for you too.