Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Jewelry

Okay, this isn't a huge Tackle it Tuesday project, but I had no desire to make beaded jewelry with seven-year-old Amanda. This made it a tackle for me. My husband bought a jewelry kit for his sick princess to make her feel better and then he said those dreaded words, "Have Mommy help you with it."

We strung beads for almost an hour and the best thing we made was this anklet:

Amanda now knows how to make her jewelry so she'll make other things herself. Now, just so you don't think I'm a terrible mother: I enjoyed the time we spent together on this project after all.

A lot of great Tuesday tackles are found at at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Angela said...

My twelve yr old daughter just showed me today all the pieces of beaded jewelry she has been making these last few days! She even made me a pretty key chain with my name on it!!

Shinade said...

Well that pretty much sounds like the way it always happened around our house when our kids were much younger!!

It turned out very lovely!!:-)

FromThe Creek said...

So fun! We had to do that too a couple of weeks ago. My cousin sent them home with the little princess...so I can totally feel your pain here.

Oh well it gives them a bit of excitement for a little while.