Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lens Alert and Contacts

Do you wear contacts lenses? Josh wears them now and Jonathon wants to get a pair. For sports minded teenage boys they're probably a better option than glasses. The problem is that contact lenses can be expensive. All things aren't what they used to be and you'd be surprised to find there are places to get quality, brand name contacts at discount prices.

I hadn't thought about ordering contacts online until recently. You can get everything else so why not buy contacts online too? Ordering contact lenses on the internet is easier than ever. You can pay with your credit card or Paypal, which are the most secure online payment methods in my opinion, or you can choose to pay later.

So I browsed blogs today and read a story on the AC Lens blog concerning a contact lens product in Woman's Day magazine's "Products we Love" section.

The product discussed is a contact case that is different from the others.
The LensAlert is also a digital countdown timer that reminds you when it's time to change your lenses. I think if I had the contacts available today combined with this timer when I was younger, I'd still be wearing contacts rather than these glasses. Don't you think this is an innovative product?


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