Monday, December 29, 2008

Early Vacation Planning

I have been staring out the window at the winter weather so much that my eyeballs hurt - literally. The sky has been dark so much that when the sun peeks out for a moment at a time, I have to squint. This has me thinking about vacations in warmer places. Jeff came home last week with a list of open dates to schedule his vacation this year and we've been brainstorming.

In vacations past, we failed to search for vacation rentals early and paid a whole lot more than we should have.

This time we'll be prepared. I like bed & breakfasts in quaint places such as Virginia, while Jeff likes little cabins in the middle of a big woods. This morning I searched for vacation rentals in the Blue Ridge Mountains and found a gorgeous one - The Mark Addy Inn - in Charlottesville. After looking at the pictures I decided I'd better wait until Jeff and I can go alone. With kids it's better I take the big woods, as long as it can be half-way between here and Florida! There is a great cabin rental in Cherokee, NC.

Maybe in a couple of years we can afford a trip to Hawaii and kona vacation rentals!

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