Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Computer Games for Kids

My daughter is always asking to play computer games since she sees her brothers playing them all of the time. The problem is, most of the games are not fit for a child as young as she is, and the cost of the really good ones is out of our reach. Today I found a free game site that my daughter can have a lot of fun with.


The first thing I did was check out how safe the site is for children. is a current partner, which gives me some peace of mind. I also found that chat is on safe mode and additional safety is available with a click of the mouse.

So, what game did we play first at There are a lot to choose from but we went from room to room beginning with the home room. We spent some time at Bose Park kicking around a soccer ball and doing stretches and jumps. Our avatar does fun exercises.

After playing around in the different areas for a while, I told my daughter it was time to quit for now. She is not a happy camper because I stole her fun.

If you have a child who loves baseball, basketball or even surfing, you'll want to check out


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