Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Update

My mom is now sitting up in a chair now and then and she is breathing on her own, talking and feeling so much better. I know in my spirit and in my heart that the huge amount of prayers going up on her behalf have made all the difference in this case. When we first sped to Indiana last week we expected to find her on her deathbed, which in essence, she was. Nobody really expected her to pull through but we remained as optimistic as we could and prayed hard. We asked for prayer from our churches and churches we did not attend. We asked for prayer through blogs and other online contacts.

Mom made a miraculous jump since last week, getting stronger and withstanding the surgery that the doctors weren't sure she could. She attributes this to the prayers that God has answered. I do too.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She's getting stronger but sometimes she gets an anxious feeling. She wants to go home but can't just yet. Once she is home, though, my dad, brother, and sisters will need strength to care for her until Mom is fully recovered. I live too far away and I feel helpless, yet I know that it'll all work to God's glory.

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bethanyrae said...

So glad to see this update on your mom. I was wondering if you'd be back down there for the holiday weekend. NICE that it's not needed! God is good.