Saturday, September 06, 2008


Is it cold where you are? We had a hot spell earlier this week (90 degrees) but today it is COLD! I looked at the pitiful tomatoes shivering in the garden and I realized that I won't be canning any this year. Perhaps I can get enough cherry tomatoes to at least do a batch of tomato sauce, but I suppose that is wishful thinking.

My husband's brother and wife came tonight for a visit. We have had NO family visit us this year, the first in a long time, and we've sort of been craving some attention, so to speak. We HAVE had friends visit and they're just like family, so it's not too bad. Still, there's something about having family over that warms your least it does if you get along with the family, which we do. We went to Pondo and ate to our hearts' content and took a moment to pick on Josh. He was working so couldn't do more than say a quick "hi."

Tomorrow we're supposed to gather with our Bible study group for an outside meal. I sure hope it warms up. Here's my dilemma: I'm supposed to bring a dish to pass and I haven't made anything yet. I'm hoping that I can whip up a coleslaw or something. My oven is really fading fast and until we get it fixed, I can't bake much anymore. I tried to make a meat loaf, but it was taking so long we gave up and decided on the Pondo food. Ugh.

Have a good Sunday!


bethanyrae said...

Sorry to hear about your oven....You might have to learn how to utilize that microwave! (Maybe you already do..) I had learned a meatloaf recipe once for it that turned out nicely because of the ketchup based sauce spread on the top so it looked good. ha. And a gd beef refried bean blend with some spices that made a really hearty chip dip, but for a main dish.
enjoy your company!

FromThe Creek said...

Sorry we haven't been there yet this year...maybe we will get there yet. I am glad that you guys had fun with them and that you picked on Josh. You know that that is a necessity...right?!?

It took 12 hours from start to finish on our tomato sauce today. I am exhausted! I am going to try it with the spices and salt for us later this week. IT ended up being 11 pints of sauce for your Dad and 4 quarts for us. He will be surprised tomorrow because I am sure that he is thinking that I am keeping it all. He will enjoy it with his goulash and stuff though.