Tuesday, August 26, 2008

People to People International

Yesterday two of my children received invitations to join People to People International and travel overseas as student ambassadors. Jonathon, grade 12, has been asked to go to Japan for 14 days. Ryan, grade 5, has been asked to go to Ireland, Wales, England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands for 19 days.

I've checked out the website and am convinced that it is all quite legitimate, and sounds like fun, BUT...

I'm not comfortable sending my children overseas without Jeff and me during this tumultuous time in history.

We cannot afford to send them. The suggested amount of money they should bring is $25 a day. Eek. Too much for us to wing.

I don't know any of the adult chaperones, though I suppose after going to 12 hours of meetings I would get to know them a little. Jeff and I have strong values that might (probably will) be undermined once our kids are out of the country and with strangers and in a different culture.

There ARE pros to this program, so please don't think I'm all negative about it. The kids who go are prepared well for college. They learn a lot about different cultures and the way history can come alive for them by just being where it all happened is a tremendous benefit to their educational experience.

We won't be participating but I think it was an honor to be asked.

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FromThe Creek said...

That is pretty cool, but I understand your concerns. I would probably be the same way, of course, you knew that right?!?