Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saying No

A young lady called me tonight and asked if she could come visit. This isn't a social call, though. She wants to show me a product in hopes of me buying it. We know this gal fairly well; she is the same age as Josh and was in the homeschool group that we attended...not to mention we bought this house from her parents.

I felt bad because I told her no. She said it would only take 45 minutes of my time. I still said no. She sounded disappointed.

Here's my problem with in-home sales people: A while back a guy came wishing to show me a vacuum cleaner. I told him no. Guess what? He said it would only take 45 minutes of my time! He also said that he got credit just for showing the vacuum and that I was under no obligation to buy. This is what the gal from tonight said as well.

The vacuum cleaner salesman didn't stay for 45 minutes. He stayed for more than FIVE HOURS! He came at noon and at 5 p.m. he was still here, insisting that I buy this vacuum. Jeff had come home from work sometime during the ordeal. He told the guy we weren't going to purchase this product. The guy called his boss, who showed up and tried to coerce us into purchasing. I made the kids supper, hoping that they would take the hint. They didn't.

Finally, after all else failed, the salesmen packed it up. They washed the vacuum filters in my sink, used my dish towel to dry them (made a mess), and left rudely.

I HAVE NO MONEY TO BUY EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS! I don't allow anyone into my home for a "demonstration" anymore, other than the Pampered Chef lady, and that was a stretch for me.

Hope you don't have such difficulties.

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FromThe Creek said...

We just had the same thing happen to us. Actually, your brother heard "Free movies and pizza" and agreed to it. I tried to cancel it and the salesman's wife lied to me and told me that she didn't know how to get a hold of him to cancel it. I found out it was his wife later when he told me she called him after I called to cancel. At that time, he was trying to recruit me to sell them also! By the way, then your brother fed him dinner too.

Some people have nerve!