Monday, October 15, 2007

Online Coupons and Shopping

As most of you already know, I've been searching out bargains for this year's holiday/birthday shopping. We're living in a time when the economy hasn't been the best in Michigan (and probably eslewhere) so this is important stuff if you're on a fixed budget (or not.)

Anyway, in browsing around I've found another coupon site for a lot of my wishful thinking gift lists. Browsing Online Coupons, I found scores of businesses that sell some of my favorite products. They're listed alphabetically and this makes finding the deals by store name easy to do.

For instance, Jeff likes Cabellas (I think I've told you this before!) There is a page for Cabellas coupons and once it pops up, money saving deals fill the page. What's interesting is that you don't always need a coupon for the savings; some of the bargains are in the form of sales.

Another link brought me Sony deals, which was interesting to me because Josh is now navigating toward a Sony laptop. He probably won't get one until his birthday, which gives me until January to help toward getting one.

There are literally hundreds of online merchants, updated daily, at, so if you're looking for bargains and specials, hop on over.

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