Friday, July 06, 2007

Verse 10

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." Proverbs 31:10 (KJV)

Who can find a virtuous woman, or man, indeed. It was hard enough in my day to find a man who believed, and lived, as the Bible taught. I think it's harder today by far.

I have FOUR sons and ONE daughter. I'll talk about the boys for now. They are going to need virtuous wives some day. With Josh 18 and Johnny hot on his heels at 16, that day is coming closer and closer.

When my boys were younger, I began praying for them and their future wives. I don't know who the Lord has in store for them, but I do know that He has planned a fantastic spouse for each of the boys. The questions is, will they find them?

Here's a good question to ponder: What is a virtuous woman? The rest of Proverbs 31 addresses that question. I'm not sure any of us can fully live up to the qualifications but we can sure do our best to come as close as we can.

The rest of our verse states that a virtuous woman is worth far more than many rubies. In Bible days that was a lot of money, probably more than most could ever come up with. If God says that a virtuous woman is worth that much, shouldn't we try as hard as we can to reach that goal? I'd much rather be poor by this world's standards than to be poor in God's eyes.

This verse, and all of Proverbs 31, should get us mothers to thinking about our daughters. Are we encouraging them to purity? We need to think of our sons. Are we praying for them and their future spouses? Are we encouraging our sons to purity as well as we do our girls? And lastly, are we living virtuous lives ourselves?

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