Thursday, June 01, 2017

Book Review: Let's Be Real by Natasha Bure

Let's Be Real is written by Natasha Bure and is published by Zondervan.

Well, I have found two books, in a row, for young people that I absolutely love. This one by Natasha Bure, is a joy. Since receiving the book a couple of days ago, I have spent a great deal of time leafing through it and reading the great tips that she has for teenage girls. The tips range from beauty routine secrets to prayer journaling, to dealing with drama, to dealing with siblings.

The forward is written by Natasha's good friend, Sadie Robertson, and it is evident that the two girls share the same values. Those values are conservative enough for me to be comfortable passing this book to my 15 year old daughter. Let's face it. Living "in the world but not of it" is hard enough for an adult, let alone a teenage girl who just wants to fit in and be loved. I think this is a step in the right direction of arming our daughters with Biblical advice.

I especially like the chapter on boyfriends. Personally, I believe that a girl (guy too) should wait to date until she is of marrying age and is ready for that kind of a commitment. How many of us have dated someone only to break up and then leave a real piece of our heart with that guy? Too many of us, I'd dare to guess. Natasha doesn't discourage dating in the teen years, but she does give reasons to wait, as well as reasons to refuse another date with a guy who is doing or saying the wrong things. It's an important topic to address because not every teenager has parents who will ask her to wait until she's older to date.

This is a book that I like very well and will be passing to my daughter as a gift.

*I received a copy of Let's Be Real in exchange for my honest opinion. My thoughts are my own.*

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