Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Make a Winter Scene

A friend volunteers at our library once a month to teach a craft. Yesterday, she helped the ladies (and one gentleman) create a cute winter scene. The above left is the one I made myself.

Here's what we did:

Take a ramekin and put a piece of craft foam (cut to make fit in the ramekin) inside. It should fit fairly snugly. Insert artificial pieces of greenery, flowers, pinecones, etc. In other words, put whatever fits. We hot glued in the stones and pinecones that we wanted to use. The stones look sort of like boulders once next to the trees. Use craft snowflakes to fill around the bottom so it looks like snow. Pack it in. You could use Epsom salts instead. Glue a piece of ribbon or ricrac around the ramekin.

This project took us an hour, but that was with lots of laughter and goofing off.

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