Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Review - Lessons from the East by Bob Roberts, Jr.

This is a book written for and to church leaders. I am not a church leader, but I do have a great desire to be involved in ministry, no matter what level that might be. Bob Roberts, Jr. is a pastor from Texas who abandoned his desire to lead a mega-church and instead chose the path of world (including the U.S.) ministry. His church in Texas (and the more global church) is very successful in reaching people for Christ, even those whom we might think are unreachable, such as Muslims and Hindus.

I have enjoyed reading the book as I have gleaned a whole lot out of it. I am from the generation who was taught to "say a prayer" and that became the whole goal - just get people to recite that prayer for salvation and you're good to go! However, those "unreachables" I just mentioned need to be loved into the kingdom rather than bullied into it. Many people on the streets of America are much the same. If you don't genuinely love them, how do you expect to show them the love of God? Why would they want it if His love is just like ours?

I think the general evangelical public could learn a lot from the global church and its outreach. It's different than what we've learned here but it seems to work. We don't all have to be pastors and missionaries in the traditional sense to be ambassadors for Christ. Pastor Roberts does a fair job of imparting that as he teaches pastors in this book. I recommend reading it if you are at all interested in missions.

*I received a copy of Lessons from the East in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.*

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