Saturday, January 16, 2016

Book Review: War for the Waking World by Wayne Thomas Batson

War for the Waking World  is written by Wayne Thomas Batson and published by Thomas Nelson.

This is a book written for teenagers or mature middle graders. It is the third book in a series. While I have not read the first two, I was surprised to find that it is okay to jump right to the third. What had happened in the previous books is either explained or "shown" beautifully. The gist of this science fiction thriller is that a fifteen-year-old named Archer Keaton can actually get inside his dreams - physically entering them and interacting with them. He is one of three people who have that gift. The Dreamtreaders have one goal in mind: to protect the world that is awake and real from an evil Nightmare Lord who would destroy everything.

I see this story as almost a parallel to the reality of Satan versus the Christian. Satan is a nightmare lord who would destroy all who are in the reality of God's grace through Jesus Christ. I don't know if that is what the author intended when he wrote it, but it is what came to my mind.

This book is fast paced and a great read for those of the younger generation who like science fiction but are tired of the paranormal stuff out there that does not glorify God. It's great to see writer's offering alternatives that are fun while being well-written. I find this third book to be interesting and engaging enough to keep anyone who needs a break from Christian romance novels or other genres. I don't think it is a kid's book only.

Now that I have read War for the Waking World, it's time for me to get the first two in the trilogy.

*I received War for the Waking World  in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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