Thursday, October 09, 2014

Quitting Coffee?

Just wanted all of my readers to know about some products that are healthier than non-organic, chemical laden coffee. I am trying to quit the caffeine habit and have tried substituting other, lesser spiked, drinks.

Tazo has a great organic chai that has half the amount of caffeine in a cup than coffee. I have tried the chocolate and the vanilla and I love them both. The chocolate tastes a lot like mocha coffee (in my mind) and fools me into thinking that I'm getting a full blast of caffeine when I'm not, at least not that full blast as my normal cup of java.

I have also been drinking Teecino hazelnut tea. It tastes like coffee and is caffeine-free. This tea has barley in it, which is NOT gluten-free, but the tea IS gluten-free when brewed in its bag or other paper filter. If you are sensitive to gluten, make sure you use the paper filter or tea bag to ensure that you don't get the gluten. However, if you have Celiac's, you might want to skip it altogether and find another substitute, like pure roasted dandelion root, to be extra careful.

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