Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Review - Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh

Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachers of Sundar Singh is compiled and edited by Kim Comer and is published by Plough Publishing House.

I was not all that excited to read this book, having never heard of Sundar Singh and feeling that this just might be one of those books that tries to bring Christianity and eastern religions to some sort of happy middle ground. My opinion rapidly changed within the first few pages.

Sundar Singh was born in 1889 in India and, at the age of 16, met Jesus - literally. Sundar asked God to reveal Himself as either the God of the Christians or another. It didn't matter, but Sundar wanted to know the REAL God. Jesus Christ appeared to him in a vision and, from that moment on, changed Sundar's life completely. His father disowned him and kicked him out of his house when he refused to renounce his new faith in Christ. From the lap of luxury he went to live a meager life, sharing his wisdom and faith with whomever would listen.

Wisdom of the Sadhu is a compilation of parables and teachings  that touches the soul. One quote that spoke to me is on page 53. Sundar Singh was asked how we can know the truth about whether or not God exists, since it cannot be proven. Sundar responded, "God has no need or desire for anyone to prove his existence. Our arguments are feeble, our minds limited. God could have provided proofs convincing enough, way beyond anything we could imagine. God desires rather that we should enjoy his life-giving presence and so bear witness to something far more sublime and convincing than anything the rational mind can produce." He went on to compare our spirits to baby chicks still inside the egg, developing until it is ready to break free and explore the world. Some day we will break free from these bodies and this world and experience God in the spirit - in full. Right now, we feel God's presence rather than see it.

Sundar Singh died in 1929. His words of wisdom live on.

*I received a copy of Wisdom of the Sadhu in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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