Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Book Review - Noah by Mark Ludy
Noah is illustrated by Mark Ludy and is published by Plough Publishing House.

Noah is a different kind of storybook about the famous man of the Bible - the one who trusted God enough to build a gigantic ark in a hostile world where everyone was telling him he was crazy. What's different about this rendition of the story is that the book has only pictures in it - no words. The pictures are stunning and filled with images that allow a child to imagine it all in the manner in which it probably was meant to be imagined.

What I really like about the book with no words is that, at a time when Hollywood has gone crazy with a retelling of Noah in a manner that is NOT Biblical, we get a book that allows us to tell our kids the real story. Later, the children can retell it in their own words using the pictures to spur them on. Having heard the real story and armed with good pictures, they will tell it well.

*I received a copy of Noah in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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