Monday, September 08, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - September8

Health issues are plaguing our family, as they have for a couple of years now. First it seemed that the mold problem in our house could be causing them. Now it appears that maybe it's really the food we've eaten. By that, I mean that additives and GMOs have, possibly, directly and indirectly caused some autoimmune struggles for members of our household. Because of that, I have  been striving to present better choices at the table. The only way to really eliminate most GMOs and additives (such as MSG and other toxins) is to prepare your own food - skip the processed junk that is in the middle aisles of your grocery store. Shop the periphery. Read labels and don't buy anything that has ingredients in it which you do not recognize as good. Eat organic when you can. And if you visit farmer's markets, don't take it for granted that they all sell organic foods. Ask each and every vendor some hard questions.

When making the re-fried beans in the recipe listed below, I always soak them the night before, draining and rinsing them well before cooking. Soaking them before cooking makes them easier to digest.

Crock-pot Macaroni & Cheese
Gluten-free Mac & Cheese
Green Beans
Fresh Watermelon


Chicken Enchiladas
Garden Salads


Basmati Rice



Pizza & Pop
Gluten-free Pizza with Loads of Veggies


Burgers & Fries (yes, not so good for you)


On Your Own

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