Thursday, August 07, 2014

An Interview with Joyce Fishman - Author and Illustrator


Joyce Fishman of Shoe Banter has written more books based upon shoes. Running Shoes is a whimsical sort of book in a poetic sense while Collective Soles is a book that describes the personalities of various types of shoes. Both books express the senses involved in running and wearing different types of shoes, and are illustrated in pen and ink, watercolor, and fluid acrylics.

In an interview with Joyce, she stressed her belief that shoes have personalities, expressing attitudes and other qualities. She says, "Every shoe has a personality and can help a person express their attitude in life, their confidence, zaniness, athleticism, insecurities, creativity, happiness, their sense of style, even their age. In Running Shoes I wanted to convey the idea that with the right shoe you can gain the freedom and agility you need and desire for this activity. Running is something our bodies are designed for and running shoes helps us enjoy this activity in all of its nuances."

The first question you might ask, since these books are illustrated, is: For whom is this line of stories written? Joyce answers that question by saying, "People who love to run in all of its forms; competitively in marathons, with a friend, or in solitude." In other words, anyone young or old who loves running. As I read through Running Shoes, I thought that it would be a nice book to read aloud to a child. Collective Soles, however, struck me more as a teen and beyond book. You might think otherwise.

Both books, along with the other books in the Shoe Banter line, are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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